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Wine Bottle Mockup Set


August, 23th 2018


Branding, Design, UI

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Don’t settle for just a logo. Realize the true potential of what your brand can and will accomplish.

Your logo isn’t your brand. It is the foundation that your branding is built around. Think of it as building a house. Do you decorate your house and make it ascetically pretty before you even have it built? I sure hope not. After you have the blueprints, which are those elements I talked about earlier, the next thing is to build the foundation, your logo.

Remember, your logo will never be in isolation. It is part of your Brand Identity which is a system of elements working together to provide unity, consistency and flexibility.

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Though the game show doesn’t have the level of danger included in the original “Squid Game” —a fictional Korean series in which participants are often seriously maimed or killed—two former contestants of “The Challenge” have threatened to sue Netflix over hypothermia and nerve damage they reportedly suffered while playing “Red Light, Green Light.”


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January 10, 2019